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There aren't many people who make it to TikTok's foryou page or reach quick celebrity, and not everyone has the same level of success as other users. The number of followers a person has can have a significant impact on their popularity. The more followers a someone has on TikTok, the higher their influence and the more people they can reach. The huge disparity between TikTok celebrities' users and their own makes users feel depressed, because who wouldn't desire more followers for themselves? As a result, you'll need to acquire TikTok followers to meet your objectives.

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-Not everyone is featured on the app's top page or becomes famous right away, and not everyone has the same reach as others. These days, a person's 'popularity' is heavily influenced by their number of followers. The greater an individual's impact and reach on the app, the more followers they have. Many users are discouraged by the large disparity between TikTok celebrities' followers and their own, because who doesn't desire more exposure for themselves?

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