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Join TikTok Creativity Program Beta From ANY Country

With our United States TikTok Accounts you'll instantly find the "TikTok Creativity Program Beta" tab within the "Creator Tools" section in your account. This is the best and most efficient solution to the question "How to join TikTok Creativity Program Beta from Canada, Australia, Europe and in other ineligible countries?" You'll be able to apply within your US TikTok account as soon as you meet the followers and views requirements (10,000 followers & 100,000 views in the last 30 days). In short, with our US TikTok Accounts the TikTok Creativity Program is available without using a VPN and without using a physical US SIM-card.

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We've already created your US TikTok Account, the username and password is stored in our account database and ready to be used. As soon as you purchase an account from us you'll receive an email with the username and password INSTANTLY. Please note that we recommend you to remove your physical SIM-card or disconnect your eSIM, turn off location services in your phone settings and set your phone language to English (United States) before and every time you log in to your account to keep it US based. Don't worry, we cover all of our recommendations in the login credentials email so simply follow them, login, change password, username and get to posting.

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Monthly United States TikTok users have now passed 100,000,000. No wonder why 90% of the world biggest TikTok accounts are US TikTok accounts. With a US TikTok account you significantly increase the upside opportunity of going ultra viral and generating thousands and thousands of dollars. You're only one video away from changing your life forever with your own US based TikTok account.

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Anyone who is inside the TikTok Creativity Program and have videos shown outside of the United States knows that they pay way less than their videos shown in USA. With our TikTok accounts your videos will instantly target the US For You page without using a VPN and without needing a physical US SIM-card. Just make sure you follow the login instructions in the login credentials email you'll receive when buying your US TikTok account from us. Reaching the US For You page will generate more money per 1000 views (generally a RPM of $1-$2 depending on your niche).

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We always make sure each and every US TikTok account is created manually and is in perfect condition without any flags from TikTok. We guarantee that all our accounts have the option to apply for TikTok Creativity Program Beta within the "Creator Tools" tab in your account. Furthermore, our TikTok accounts will target the US For You page as long as you follow our instructions within the login credentials email. However, if you for whatever reason would have any concerns or problems with your account. Simply reach out to and we'll provide you with a new account for FREE or refund 100% of your payment if the problem remains.