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Top 10 Instagram Accounts with the Most Instagram Followers in Malaysia (2024 Update)


Instagram is still the go-to platform for celebrities, influencers, and public figures in Malaysia. Having a high follower count can significantly enhance an Instagram account's visibility and credibility, making it easier to attract organic followers and increase engagement. These top accounts have a strong Instagram presence due to their high follower count, which helps in building brand awareness and trust. This list highlights the top 10 Instagram accounts in Malaysia with the most followers and their profiles.

1. Ms Puiyi

Instagram Handle: @ms_puiyi

Ms Puiyi, also known as Siew Pui Yi, is the most followed Instagram personality in Malaysia with over 20 million followers. Model, entrepreneur and social media influencer. Fashion, lifestyle, travel and promotional posts for her business ventures. Her engagement is significantly boosted by having real followers who actively interact with her content.

2. Neelofa

Instagram Handle: @neelofa

Neelofa is an actress, TV host and entrepreneur with over 10 million followers. Fashion, beauty, personal life and business ventures. Her high-quality followers contribute significantly to her strong engagement and visibility.

3. Lisa Surihani

Instagram Handle: @lisasurihani

Lisa Surihani is an actress and TV host with over 9 million followers. Family moments, professional highlights and inspirational posts. Her active followers engage with her family moments and professional highlights, boosting her credibility and visibility on the platform.

4. Zizan Razak

Instagram Handle: @zizanrazak869

Zizan Razak is a comedian and actor with nearly 8 million followers. Humorous posts, behind the scene and fan interactions. He avoids fake followers to maintain genuine engagement with his audience.

5. Scha Alyahya

Instagram Handle: @schaalyahya

Scha Alyahya is an actress and model with over 7 million followers. Fashion, beauty, family life and acting projects. Her increasing follower count boosts her visibility and engagement, demonstrating the importance of having more followers.

6. Siti Nurhaliza

Instagram Handle: @ctdk

Siti Nurhaliza is the queen of pop in Malaysia with over 6.5 million followers. Music career, family moments and philanthropic activities. Her real Instagram followers contribute to her strong engagement and credibility.

7. Nora Danish

Instagram Handle: @noradanish

Nora Danish is an actress and entrepreneur with over 6 million followers. Fashion, beauty, family and travel. Her organic followers actively engage with her fashion and beauty posts, enhancing her profile credibility and boosting her brand recognition.

8. Fattah Amin

Instagram Handle: @fattahaminz

Fattah Amin is an actor and singer with over 5.5 million followers. Professional highlights, personal moments and promotional posts. Purchasing followers can help boost Fattah Amin's visibility and engagement.

9. Ayda Jebat

Instagram Handle: @aydajebat

Ayda Jebat is a singer and actress with over 5 million followers. Music, acting career and stylish looks. Buying Instagram followers can help boost Ayda Jebat's visibility and engagement.

10. Mira Filzah

Instagram Handle: @mfmirafilzah

Mira Filzah is a rising star in the Malaysian entertainment industry with over 4.5 million followers. Acting projects, beauty tips and personal life. Mira Filzah's high-quality Instagram followers contribute significantly to her strong engagement and visibility.


These 10 Malaysian Instagram accounts are a mix of talents and interests of our celebrities and influencers. Fashion, lifestyle, music and comedy. Follow them to see what they post next.

Having more organic followers can significantly enhance the visibility and credibility of these top accounts. When an account has a high follower count, it not only boosts profile credibility but also attracts more organic engagement and potential brand deals.